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TrueMark™ MSI Assay

The Applied Biosystems TrueMark MSI Assay is a low-input, single-amplification solution for the rapid identification of microsatellite instability (MSI) in formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) samples from multiple tumor tissue types for research applications. The TrueMark MSI Assay leverages an expanded 6-dye set to incorporate additional markers. The TrueMark MSI Assay is best suited for the analysis of colon cancer samples for research. After careful verification with your samples and your markers of interest, the free auto-calling software may be used without a tumor-normal match for colon cancer samples. The assay is compatible with the Applied Biosystems SeqStudio, SeqStudio Flex, and 3500 Series genetic analyzers.

MSI analysis software

The associated TrueMark MSI Analysis Software (included at no additional charge) is designed specifically for the TrueMark MSI Assay to enable automated calling of markers and samples, offering greater ease of analysis by reducing the manual QC, analysis, and review required to determine sample status. The automated calling is best used after a verification study and can be used with tumor-normal matched samples as well as without tumor-normal pairs.


  • Expanded coverage—13 MSI markers
        –BAT-25, BAT-26, BAT-40, CAT-25, NR-21, NR-22, NR-24, NR-27 (publicly known MSI markers)
        –ABI-16, ABI-17, ABI-19, ABI-20A, ABI-20B (MSI markers proprietary to Thermo Fisher Scientific)
        –PentaD, TH-01 (sample ID markers)
  • Low input—use as little as 2 ng FFPE-derived DNA
  • Optional normal control—no requirement for use of tumor-normal match for interpretation
  •  Automated calling—analysis software includes automated calling of markers and samples to accelerate initial data interpretation
  • Simple analysis software—streamline QC, analysis, and review of samples

TrueMark MSI Assay

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