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Thermo Scientific™ Benchtop Shakers are robust enough for everyday use yet provide precise sample agitation for all your applications. With a broad range of digital speed and time settings, you can be confident that your sample will shake, mix, or pulse at the desired rate every time. Regardless of your application need, you’ll be able to set your sample agitation parameters and move on to your next task, helping to bring increased efficiency to your lab.

Product highlights

• Models designed for a variety of controlled agitations, including shaking, rocking, waving rotation, touch vortex mixing, and more.
• Newer models come standard with digital controls and upgrades that allow for increased sample mixing
• Adjustable tilt angles by digital control — no additional tools needed
• Robust body and standard rubber feet ensure shakers stay in place on the lab bench

Thermo Scientific Benchtop Shakers

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