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The Parsortix® PC1 Clinical System

The first FDA cleared medical device for the capture and harvest of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patient blood for subsequent analysis

The Parsortix® PC1 Clinical System is a next generation liquid biopsy technology. Starting from a simple blood draw, which is non-invasive and can be repeated as often as needed, the system enriches to provide intact cancer cells, providing a real-time sample for subsequent analyses by common laboratory techniques*, enabling a complete picture of the cancer.

Unlike ctDNA, which is limited to DNA analysis and is the focus for most of the liquid biopsy industry, a full range of analyses can be undertaken with CTCs, giving a potential alternative to a tissue biopsy.

Benefits of Parsortix® technology

CTCs are captured based on their size and deformability, enabling the isolation of live epithelial and mesenchymal CTCs and CTC clusters for subsequent analysis including:

  • Cytological examination
  • DNA, RNA and protein analyses
  • Single cell picking and analyses

The ability to monitor and analyze CTCs may transform the treatment of MBC, providing patients with personalized cancer care through a non-invasive, repeat liquid biopsy with the power of Parsortix® technology.

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