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Nunclon Supra Surface

By virtue of their pluripotency, stem cells are excellent resources in regenerative medicine. Stem cell therapy, in which stem cells are used for disease treatment or tissue repair, is an active area of research.The use of human MSCs (hMSCs) to treat various diseases is being investigated in more than 900 clinical trials [4]. Fetal bovine serum (FBS) is routinely used for culturing and expansion of MSCs in the laboratory, but the use of FBS carries the risk of xeno-immunity and zoonotic transmission for patients who receive MSCs for therapeutic purposes. To circumvent these problems, we have introduced a line of cell culture plastics with Thermo Scientificā„¢ Nunclonā„¢ Supraā„¢ surface treatment.The Nunclon Supra surface is superior for the growth of MSCs under serum-free conditions and does not require an ECM protein coating. Three types of hMSCs were tested on the Nunclon Supra surface: adipose tissueā€“derived stem cells (ADSCs), bone marrowā€“derived MSCs (BMMSCs), and umbilical cordā€“derived MSCs (WJMSCs). All MSCs grown on the Nunclon Supra surface retained their morphology, phenotype, and trilineage differentiation potential better than those grown on conventional polystyrene surfaces coated with ECM proteins. Nunclon Supra culture plastics are thus promising alternatives for growing hMSCs for potential cell therapy research applications.

Growth and morphology of human mesenchymal stromal cells (hMSCs) on Nunclon Delta and Nunclon Supra surfaces

(A) Representative images showing the morphology of WJMSCs, BMMSCs, and ADSCs seeded on the uncoated Nunclon Delta surface, the Nunclon Delta surface coated with CELLstart Substrate, or the uncoated Nunclon Supra surface. Images were captured using the Invitrogenā„¢ EVOSā„¢ M7000 Imaging System with a 10x objective. Scale bar: 275 Āµm.

(B) Representative images showing the doubling times of hMSCs grown for three passages on the Nunclon Delta surface coated with CELLstart Substrate or the uncoated Nunclon Supra surface (n = 3). The error bars represent the standard error of the mean, and ns indicates no significance in an unpaired t-test.

Nunclon Supra surface

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