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TaqPath™ BactoPure™ Microbial Detection Master Mix

TaqPath BactoPure Microbial Detection Master Mix is optimized for rapid low-level microbial detection even in the presence of PCR inhibitors. All lots are functionally tested to help ensure lot-to-lot reproducibility for Ct and dynamic range consistency across a wide variety of assays. This General Purpose Reagent, labeled ‘For Laboratory Use’, is manufactured in an ISO 13485-certified and FDA-registered facility that adheres to the principles of current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).

Benefits of TaqPath BactoPure Microbial Detection Master Mix

  • Consistent low-level detection of bacterial, fungal, mammalian, and viral DNA, as well as antibiotic resistance markers
  • Tolerant of PCR inhibitors typically found in biopharmaceutical, molecular diagnostic, and research applications from both purified samples and crude lysates
  • Wide linear dynamic range* (up to 8 logs) enabling accurate detection with both low- and high-DNA-concentration samples
  • Optimized for multiplexing—available in two formulations that enable one- to four-target detection per reaction
  • 72 pre-PCR benchtop stability of pre-assembled** reactions, enabled by our proprietary hot-start mechanism

Two formulations

The master mix is available in two formulations:

  •  TaqPath Bactopure Microbial Detection Master Mix containing ROX dye as a passive reference is recommended for singleplex (1 probe) and up to triplex (3 probes) reactions
  • TaqPath Bactopure Microbial Detection Master Mix (No ROX), which does not contain a passive reference, is recommended for use with assays utilizing the JUN (or similar omission wavelength) dye or for higher order multiplexing (>3 targets)

Taqman Bactopure

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