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Seraseq Myeloid: DNA, RNA Fusion, ctDNA

Comprehensive reference materials for development, validation and clinical application of targeted NGS assays for myeloid diseases.

To help clinical labs performing NGS-based myeloid testing understand and characterize their assays, SeraCare has developed a comprehensive set of myeloid cancer NGS reference materials in DNA, fusion RNA and ctDNA formats to maximize compatibility with existing and emerging myeloid assays.

These unique products include a wide range of mutation types, from clinically important SNVs to complex gene fusions. Develop and validate your assay with confidence using the most comprehensive patient-like reference materials on the market for myeloid cancers and ensure robust sensitivity using a single sample with clinically relevant mutations across a range of variant allele frequencies that establish and challenge your assay’s limit of detection (LOD).


  • 23 DNA variants in Seraseq Myeloid Mutation DNA Mix (including FLT3 ITDs and NPM1)
  • 9 RNA fusions in Seraseq Myeloid Fusion RNA Mix (including BCR-ABL and PML-RARA)
  • 25 DNA variants in Seraseq Myeloid ctDNA Mix (including FLT3 ITDs, NPM1 and now EZH2 and IDH2)
  • Variants precisely quantified using highly sensitive digital PCR assays, and blended with a single well-characterized genomic background (GM24385)
  • Validated by targeted NGS panels
  • Manufactured in GMP-compliant, ISO 13485-certified facilities

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Seraseq Myeloid Mutation DNA Mix & Seraseq Myeloid ctDNA Mix

Seraseq Myeloid Fusion RNA Mix

Seraseq Myeloid

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