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Sartorius Octet R2 System

The System that grows with your Biomolecule Characterization Needs

The 2-channel Octet R2 system offers an advanced, fluidics-free approach to protein analysis, with a wide variety of off-the shelf Dip and Read biosensors for rapid binding kinetics and quantitation analysis. This system utilizes Sartorius label free Bio-Layer Interferometry technology, enabling direct direction of specific proteins and other biomolecules – even in complex mixtures like crude cell culture supernatants and lysates.

Making Quality Analysis Affordable and Flexible

The Octet R2 system provides a low-cost entry point for labs with lower throughput needs while providing the flexibility to upgrade to the higher channel Octet R4 and Octet R8 systems when the need arises.

Quantitation Assays

The system directly measures the presence of specific proteins and other molecules in solution with minimal interference from complex matrices. Accurate and reproducible concentrations can be determined in as little as 2 minutes per sample using a simple, one-step assay.


  • Most budget-friendly option designed for academic and start-up labs
  • Flexibility of field upgrade to a 4-channel or 8-channel Octet system for higher throughput
  • High quality kinetic screening and affinity characterization
  • Microfluidics-free Dip and Read format reduces assay time and maintenance cost
  • Crude sample compatibility saves valuable time by eliminating the need for sample pre-treatment
  • Two parallel, independent channels, with the flexibility of using the second channel for a reference or for more sample
  • Versatility to detect and analyze a diverse range of biomolecules from small molecules to viruses
  • Non-destructive sampling to conserve precious samples for other assays
  • Equipped with sample plate cooling for temperature-sensitive proteins and assays
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Integrated acquisition and analysis software eliminates dependency on external software

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