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Qubit Protein BR Assay

Achieve accurate and reliable results with Qubit 4 Starter Packages, which combine the Qubit 4 Fluorometer with different assay kits for the quantification of nucleic acids or proteins. Qubit reagents bind selectively to DNA, RNA, or protein and only emit a fluorescent signal when bound to the target. This minimizes the effects of contaminants on the result and ensures accurate readings for sensitive samples.

Qubit Protein BR Starter Kit

The Qubit Protein BR Assay Kit provides a quick, easy, and reliable method for determining the protein concentration of purified proteins, lysates, serum, plasma, and complex protein mixtures. The assay can deliver accurate protein quantification across a broad range (0.1–20 mg/mL), enabling most samples to be used neat (undiluted) and eliminating the guess work and dilution steps that accompany traditional protein quantitation methods.

With Qubit assays, the concentration or quality of the target molecule in the sample is reported by a fluorescent dye that emits a signal only when bound to its target, minimizing the effects of contaminants on the result.  Whether you are an expert or a novice, the easy-to-use touchscreen menus make it easy to perform assays, with accurate and reliable results displayed in just a few seconds.  Qubit 4 with Wi-Fi also provides flexible data exportation using a USB drive, cloud connectivity, or direct USB cable connection so quantification data can be easily accessed.

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