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ProcartaPlex Multiplex Immunoassays

ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays are bead-based assays for protein quantification based on the principles of a sandwich ELISA with the use of Luminex xMAP (multi analyte profiling) technology. Invitrogen ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays provide the ability to create your unique panel and the assurance that you will achieve reproducible results throughout the course of your study.

  • More than 90% of ProcartaPlex assays can be combined with one another
  • High correlation to our corresponding ELISA kits (R^2 > 0.9)
  • Scalable and reproducible performance regardless of plex size
  • Largest published panel for quantitation of up to 65 analytes

What are ProcartaPlex assays?

ProcartaPlex assays are available for use with serum, plasma, cell and tissue lysates, cell culture supernatants, and bodily fluids. Assays are provided in multiple formats across six species (human, mouse, rat, non-human primate, porcine, and canine).

  • ProcartaPlex Mix&Match Panels (Custom mixed)
  • ProcartaPlex Simplex Sets (Off-the-shelf)
  • ProcartaPlex Panels (Off-the-shelf)

Why ProcartaPlex assays?

  • Flexibility
  • Reproducible results
  • Correlation to ELISA
  • Scalability
  • Save resources
  • High specificity and sensitivity

Benefits of Luminex Multiplex Assays

  • Small Sample Volume – Conserves sample by measuring multiple analytes in a single well with less than 25 uL of sample.
  • High-throughput analysis – ProcartaPlex protocols are available in 96- and 384-well formats for high-throughput analysis.
  • Trusted platform and partnership – These instruments have been relied on by life science researchers for almost 20 years, and there are now over 13,000 Luminex instruments in use around the world.


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