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PowerTrack™ SYBR Green Master Mix

PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix is a pre-formulated, optimized, universal 2X master mix for real-time PCR workflows with built-in visual dye–based indicators for accurate reaction setup. Coupled with user-supplied primer sets and templates, PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix is designed to amplify targets for accurate gene expression analysis.

Features of PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix include:
• Built-in visual indicators aid in reaction setup
• Broad primer Tm and concentration compatibility allows qPCR reaction setup flexibility with minimal optimization
• Specific and tight reproducibility in Ct’s over a broad dynamic range
• Formulated with UNG/dUTP to prevent contamination of carryover PCR products

Built-in visual indicators

PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix contains an inert blue dye that does not interfere with real-time PCR but provides increased visibility in the tube or well. A separate sample buffer is provided that contains an inert yellow dye. The optional use of this yellow sample buffer results in a reaction mixture that changes from blue to green upon the addition of the sample, helping one avoid pipetting mistakes. The yellow sample buffer aids in reaction setup but is not required to obtain superior results with PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix.

Formulated for maximum specificity and reproducibility

PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix contains Taq DNA polymerase, which is tightly controlled through an antibody-mediated hot-start mechanism, helping prevent the undesirable early activity of the polymerase at low temperatures that can lead to nonspecific amplification. PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix is designed for exceptional performance in your most challenging real-time PCR applications.

Broad instrument compatibility

PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix can be used in either standard or fast cycling mode and is compatible with all Applied Biosystems real-time PCR instruments. It is also compatible with the Bio-Rad CFX96™, CFX384™, and iQ™5; Roche LightCycler™ 480; and Agilent Mx3005P™ systems. For optimal results, primer concentrations should be in the range of 300–800 nM.

UNG for carryover contamination control

Contamination in labs that routinely run PCR is a major concern for many researchers and is the source of most false positives. The inclusion of UNG and dUTP in PowerTrack SYBR Green Master Mix results in the degradation of any previously amplified PCR products and helps prevent contamination of subsequent qPCR reactions.

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