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OncoPro Tumoroid Culture Medium Kit

Enabling adoption of patient-derived cancer cell models

The Gibco™ OncoPro™ Tumoroid Culture Medium Kit is a system that simplifies culture of tumoroids to make physiologically relevant cancer models more accessible.

Discover another dimension of cancer research

Tumoroids, also known as cancer organoids, are patient-derived cancer cells grown as 3D, self-organized multicellular structures. Tumoroids serve as advanced cancer cell models that better represent patient characteristics, reflect genetic and phenotypic complexity, and more accurately predict clinical response than traditional 2D cultures established from immortalized cell lines.

Optimized for patient-derived cancer organoids

The OncoPro kit was specifically developed for the culture of tumoroids. As such, the OncoPro system ensures the preservation of donor-specific characteristics, including mutational profiles and gene expression patterns, in long-term culture; while the consistent media formulation of this off-the-shelf solution enables reproducible results from experiment to experiment.

Streamlined media preparation and culture methods

Simplify media preparation using the four-component OncoPro kit, which can be supplemented with indication-specific growth factors as needed. Save time and resources with a suspension culture method that’s supported by our dedicated resource team, who will help ensure successful adoption of the OncoPro kit and tumoroid culture.

An adaptable solution for your unique applications

The OncoPro kit accommodates researchers at any starting point, be it tumor resections, patient-derived xenograft organoids (PDXOs), or tumoroid lines derived from other systems, enabling them to seamlessly upgrade their media without affecting their research objectives. Meanwhile, the OncoPro kit’s suspension culture method creates a workflow that is readily scalable and automation-friendly. While the OncoPro system was created with a suspension workflow in mind, it can support embedded tumoroid culture as well. The OncoPro kit is a versatile system ready to be utilized across various cancer research applications.

OncoPro Tumoroid Kit

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