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Nunc UpCell

Cell harvesting by temperature reduction Nunc UpCell Surface

Temperature-responsive cell culture surface

Why use UpCell dishes for adherent cell culture?

  • There’s no need for trypsin—UpCell non-enzymatic surfaces mean better preservation of cell surface proteins
  • There’s no need for scraping—UpCell surfaces promote improved cell viability
  • Plastics are designed for culture passaging, single-cell analyses, and cell transplantation research
  • With supportive membrane options, UpCell surfaces enable harvesting of cell sheets and the creation of 3D tissue models

How the Nunc UpCell surface works

The Nunc UpCell surface is designed to be temperature responsive, enabling non-enzymatic cell dissociation. This surface is composed of a covalently immobilized polymer, PIPAAm. PIPAAm forms a thin, even coating over the cultureware and, being slightly hydrophobic at 37°C, allows cells to attach and grow. However, when the cultureware’s temperature reduces below 32°C, this same layer becomes hydrophilic. In this state, PIPAAm binds water, swells, and results in adherent cell release.

Nunc UpCell

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