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Nunc Cell Culture Plastics and Cultureware

Thermo Scientific Nunc cell culture plastics offer a solution for every step of your workflow. Whether you need cell culture-treated plates for imaging or low-attachment dishes for your 3D work, easily find your cell cultureware by searching by surface, format, or other application needs.

Find the most relevant cell culture surface and format for every step of your workflow ā€” from culture to discovery.

Explore the options from :

  • Surfaces
  • Flasks
  • Dishes and Multi-dishes
  • Microplates
  • Chamber slides and coverglasses
  • Cell culture inserts
  • Shaker flasks
  • Accessories
  • Nunc key products


Choosing the best growth surface for your cells. To help ensure optimal results for different cell types, we offer a range of Thermo Scientificā„¢ cell culture surfaces. To optimize results for different cell culture types and their subsequent cellular analysis, a range of cell culture surfaces, spanning a variety of formats, are available.


Thermo Scientificā„¢ cell culture flasks are designed for culture consistency, cell health, and reproducibility. Select the surface and ancillary options youā€™re looking for in a tissue culture flask from our comprehensive portfolio. Choose from a variety of surfaces and sizes with culture areas ranging from 25 cm2 to 500 cm2 to suit your specific applications and cell types.

Dishes and Multidishes

Thermo Scientificā„¢ Nuncā„¢ cell culture dishes are available in a wide selection of formats, materials, and surface modifications. Each is designed and produced under the highest quality standards to promote healthy cells and reproducible results. Each selection offers excellent optical quality for manual and automated imaging and is compatible with automated equipment and instruments.


Whether youā€™re culturing individual cell lines or scaling up for high-throughput screening, or anything in between, there is a Thermo Scientificā„¢ Nuncā„¢ microplate for your needs. Advances in manufacturing for surface technology, well geometry, and optical flatness mean we have a plate tailored for your specific application.

Chamber slides and coverglasses

Efficiency is everything. The Thermo Scientificā„¢ Nuncā„¢ Lab-Tekā„¢ and Lab-Tekā„¢ II chamber slide system and chambered coverglasses simplify your cell imaging workflow by allowing you to culture, modify, stain, and analyzeā€”all in a single device.

Cell Culture Inserts

When your cell-based research calls for more than the standard culture vessel, the porous membrane based Thermo Scientificā„¢ Nuncā„¢ cell culture inserts enable the versatility you need by allowing the attached cells to be exposed to different conditions on the apical and basal sides, as well as allowing molecules and cells to migrate, diffuse, or be actively transported across the growth surface. The unique Thermo Scientificā„¢ Nuncā„¢ carrier plate systems simplify procedures that require an airā€“liquid interface and change of medium by allowing the inserts to be hung in three precise positions in the wells.

Shaker Flasks

Save preparation time and avoid contamination risk with sterile Thermo Scientificā„¢ Nalgeneā„¢ single-use PETG Erlenmeyer flasksā€”ideal for suspension cell culture, medium preparation, mixing, and storage.


Complementing the essential cell culture devices, Thermo Scientificā„¢ cell culture accessories bring convenience and compatibility to every step of your cell culture workflow.

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