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NGS Star Platform

The NGS STAR for Library Prep assay ready workstation is a comprehensive solution for next-generation sequencing (NGS) applications from whole-genome to whole transcriptome sequencing and targeted sequencing applications. Fully automated library preparation can be optimized for use with assay chemistries from leading industry partners, with throughputs up to 96 sample libraries processed at once.


Available Models:

  • NGS STAR- 8 channel
  • NGS STAR- 8 channel + 96 MPH
  • ODTC Option
  • UV Option
  • UV/HEPA Option

Available Methods:

  • Targeted Enrichment methods: Agilent Sure select, Illumina TruSeq, Illumina DNA Prep, Illumina Trusight Tumor 170/ Oncology 500, Illumina COVIDSeq, NEBNext Arctic, Oxford Nanopore PCR (Covid), Paragon Genomics (SARS- COV), Qiagen QIAseq, Roche KAPA, Twist Human Core, IDT and more.
  • Whole Genome sequencing Methods: Illumina TruSeq Nano DNA, Illumina Nextera XT, Illumina DNA PCR- Free Prep, Illumina Truseq DNA PCR- Free, NEBNexT, Oxford Nanopore, Qiagen QIAseq FX DNA, Roche KAPA and more.
  • Transcriptome Sequencing Methods: Illumina Truseq Stranded, Lexogen Quantseq, NEBNext Ultra, Roche KAPA, TAKARA SMART and more.


  • Air displacement technology
  • CO-RE- technology
  • Auto-load barcoding

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