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High Definition scRNA-Seq

18 June 2024

Single-cell RNA-Seq has brought the revolution to the field of transcriptomics, providing unprecedented insight into cellular heterogeneity.

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Image-iT Cell Painting Kit

12 June 2024

Cell painting has become one of the most popular phenotypic screening methods in research because it enables extraction of unprecedented amounts of data at the cellular level.

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QuantSeq-Flex Kit

11 June 2024

The QuantSeq-Flex Kit is a library preparation protocol designed to make Illumina-compatible libraries from any RNA sample using custom primers. It is open for development by advanced RNA-Seq users based on their custom needs.

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Taqpath BactoPure

10 June 2024

The Applied Biosystems TaqPath BactoPure Microbial Detection Master Mix is optimized for rapid low-level microbial detection even in the presence of inhibitors.

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EVOS Onstage Incubator

6 June 2024

If you need an optimal live cell environment for demanding time lapse imaging experiments, look no further than the newly launched, second generation Invitrogen EVOS Onstage Incubator (OSI 2).

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SNP Genotyping Analysis Using TaqMan Assays

4 June 2024

Applied Biosystems TaqMan SNP Genotyping assays help you detect and distinguish SNPs accurately and efficiently, so you can better understand their associations and roles in gene function and disease.

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Gibco Geltrex Matrix

3 June 2024

Geltrex matrix is a basement membrane extract that contains laminin, collagen IV, entactin, and heparin sulfate proteoglycans.

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ML Essential

31 May 2024

We Introduce here Hamilton’s ML Essential for automating your daily regular lab routines to get higher reproducible data and makes your time available for science.

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Absolute Q Digital PCR

30 May 2024

The Absolute Q dPCR workflow is identical to the qPCR workflow you are familiar with to improve ease of use, minimize hands on steps, and maximize consistency.

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TaqPath™ Seq HIV-1 Genotyping Kit

29 May 2024

Detecting genomic mutations in three main antiretroviral drug classes to aid the monitoring and treatment of HIV-1 infected individuals.

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ProcartaPlex Multiplex Immunoassays

28 May 2024

ProcartaPlex multiplex immunoassays are bead-based assays for protein quantification based on the principles of a sandwich ELISA with the use of Luminex xMAP (multi analyte profiling) technology.

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Sartorius Incucyte

27 May 2024

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System is our more advanced offering for live-cell imaging and analysis. It leverages up to five total fluorescence channels (up to three simultaneously) – including a long wavelength, low phototoxicity NIR channel – that makes it ideal for long-term time-lapse experiments.

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Gibco HPLM

23 May 2024

Gibco Human Plasma-like Medium (HPLM) is formulated to resemble the natural cellular environment found in the body, mimicking the metabolic profile of human plasma.

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Sartorius CellCelector

22 May 2024

The CellCelector Flex platform is a unique and fully automated cell imaging and picking system developed for the detection, selection and isolation of single cells, clusters, spheroids and organoids, as well as single cell clones and adherent colonies.

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TaqPath DuraPlex

16 May 2024

Applied Biosystems TaqPath DuraPlex 1-Step RT-qPCR Master Mix is a benchtop-stable, single-tube master mix optimized for rapid, sensitive, and reproducible detection of viral and bacterial pathogens even in the presence of PCR inhibitors.

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Y Chromosome Microdeletion Detection Kit

14 May 2024

Microdeletions of the Y chromosome are the second most frequent genetic cause of spermatogenetic failure in infertile men after the Klinefelter syndrome.

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CryoPlus Storage

13 May 2024

Thermo Scientific CryoPlus systems provide the perfect combination of liquid nitrogen storage reliability and microprocessor technology.

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KingFisher Apex

02 May 2024

Provides easy-to-follow protocols that remove manual steps and reduce overall processing time and errors associated with sample preparation while increasing the yield reproducibility of your results compared to manual workflows.

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Aneufast Kit

01 May 2024

The Aneufast™ Kit is a molecular diagnostic assay designed for rapid detection of chromosomes 13, 18, 21, X and Y aneuploidies by Quantitative Fluorescent PCR (QF-PCR). The Aneufast™ QF-PCR Kit contains a total of 36 markers in six multiplex reactions that amplify selected Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) and the gender determining sequences Amelogenin-SRY.

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Cells to CT Kit

30 April 2024

Cells-to-CT kits measure relative gene expression by real-time PCR—also known as quantitative PCR or qPCR—without RNA purification prior to amplification.

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Element AVITI24

22 April 2024

With AVITI24 Teton, researchers can now analyze DNA, RNA, proteins, phosphorylated proteins, and cell morphology simultaneously from just one sample.

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Controlled Rate Freezer

19 April 2024

The rate at which cell and gene therapies are frozen is important, as the freezing process affects the rate of formation and size of ice crystals, as well as the solution effects that occur during freezing.

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Multiskan Skyhigh

17 April 2024

Multiskan SkyHigh system is offered in a variety of configurations making it flexible to suit a wide variety of needs. Touch screen models offer the flexibility to use the stand-alone instrument or in conjunction with Thermo Scientific SkanIt PC software.

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Element Aviti

04 April 2024

With the AVITI System, Element has rethought every aspect of the sequencing process with your needs in mind. Let Cloudbreak expedite your study with fast runs, early demultiplexing, and linear library loading.

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03 April 2024

Designed specifically for bioscience researchers with a wide variety of needs and assay requirements, the Thermo Scientific™ Varioskan™ LUX multimode microplate reader comes equipped with a range of measurement technologies, including absorbance and fluorescence intensity with optional luminescence, AlphaScreen™ technology (PerkinElmer), and time-resolved fluorescence modules.

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Suretect PCR

22 March 2024

Beverage manufacturers need to rapidly identify and address spoilage yeast contamination in the production environment, raw materials and finished products. Early detection of spoilage yeasts increases operational efficiency and profitability whilst also ensuring brand protection.

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QuantStudio12K Flex

21 March 2024

The Applied Biosystems QuantStudio 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System can simultaneously run up to four 3,072-reaction QuantStudio 12K Flex OpenArray plates in about four hours.

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TrueMark MSI Assay

13 March 2024

More efficient and comprehensive MSI testing with automated calling, no normal controls required, and an expanded 13 microsatellite marker set to test for MSI associated with Lynch-syndrome related cancers beyond CRC, and to study immuno-therapy.

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OncoPro Tumoroid Culture Medium

12 March 2024

Gibco OncoPro Tumoroid Culture Medium streamlines the culture of patient-derived cancer organoids (tumoroids) to help make physiologically relevant cancer models more accessible.

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11 March 2024

Magnetic separation technology can be used to isolate pure, viable, and functional cells of the immune system to advance your immunology research.

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Nunc UpCell Surface

05 March 2024

Nunc UpCell surface is designed to be temperature responsive, enabling non-enzymatic cell dissociation. This surface is composed of a covalently immobilized polymer, PIPAAm. PIPAAm forms a thin, even coating over the cultureware and, being slightly hydrophobic at 37°C, allows cells to attach and grow.

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Sartorius Octet R2

04 March 2024

The 2-channel Octet R2 system offers an advanced, fluidics-free approach to protein analysis, with a wide variety of off-the shelf Dip and Read biosensors for rapid binding kinetics and quantitation analysis.

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25 January 2024

Reagent-specific protocols have been optimized for efficiency, viability, and reproducibility across a broad range of cell types.

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MagEx Star

24 January 2024

MagEx is designed to be used with a variety of kit chemistries from leading partners, including those that are FDA or IVD approved, and can process up to 96 samples at a time

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CO2 Incubator

19 January 2024

Thermo Scientific CO2 incubators are built for performance to support your precise applications and workflow requirements. Choose the capabilities and features you need, and enjoy a higher level of confidence in your end results.

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Hamilton Verso Q20

18 January 2024

The Verso Q-Series lineup of minus 20°C automated freezer storage systems boasts many of the accommodating features of a large system in an extremely compact footprint.

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Multidrop Reagent Dispensers

15 January 2024

Multidrop Combi+ and Multidrop Combi SMART+ reagent dispensers designed to support the varied requirements for liquid dispensing in pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories

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Ion Torrent Genexus Dx Integrated Sequencer

12 January 2024

The Ion Torrent™ Genexus™ Dx Integrated Sequencer delivers an effortless user experience while enabling regulatory compliance for clinical labs. With a single touchpoint and only 10 minutes of hands-on time, the Genexus™ Dx Integrated Sequencer completes nucleic acid-to report workflows in a single day.

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Neon Nxt

11 January 2024

The Invitrogen™ Neon™ NxT Electroporation System is a next-generation electroporation platform with an innovative design that streamlines the mammalian cell transfection workflow.

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TFS Cell Culture

09 January 2024

Thermo Scientific Nunc and Nalgene cell culture products have been used by researchers for more than 60 years in labs around the world

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ParsortixÂŽ PC1 Clinical System

03 January 2024

The ParsortixÂŽ PC1 Clinical System is a next generation liquid biopsy technology. The first FDA cleared medical device for the capture and harvest of circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patient blood for subsequent analysis

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SeqStudio Flex Genetic Analyzer

28 December 2023

SeqStudio Flex genetic analyzers help you to achieve freedom and peace of mind, providing extra time in your day to do what you do best: answering the big scientific questions.

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Pro Quantum

27 December 2023

Invitrogen™ ProQuantum™ high-sensitivity immunoassays are a new line of ready-to-use kits that provide an easy method of measuring protein analytes with high specificity and sensitivity using a very small amount of sample.

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12 December 2023

NGSgo-MX11-3 is fast and easy to use, as multiplexing means less pipetting and pooling. Pipetting is further minimized by our GenDx-LongMix enzyme mastermix, which is included in the kit. The product is compatible with the NGSgo workflow, for a library prep with minimal cleanups and quantifications.

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Oncomine Tumor Panels

28 November 2023

Ion Torrent Oncomine Tumor specific panels are small (15-30 genes), curated panels with verified performance that complement the Ion Torrent Oncomine menu of assays.

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IGB E-Shop

17 November 2023

We are thrilled to announce that our eShop website is now live, and it’s time for you to explore the world of convenience and savings! With our new online shopping platform, you can easily find the products you need and even request a quote for any items you’re interested in purchasing.

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3M Petrifilm Plates

01 October 2023

3M Petrifilm compact instrument can help food safety labs meet their productivity goals by automatically counting, recording, and reporting results while maintaining the same accuracy as a lab technician.

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Chromosomal Microarray

21 September 2023

Chromosomal Microarray designed to improve cytogenetic research lab productivity, efficiency and profitability with an industry-leading two-day turnaround time.

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Qubit BR Assay

14 September 2023

The Qubit Protein BR Assay Kit provides a quick, easy, and reliable method for determining the protein concentration of purified proteins, lysates, serum, plasma, and complex protein mixtures.

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DynaSpin Single-Use Centrifuge

11 September 2023

DynaSpin Single Use Centrifuge offers groundbreaking features and quality that sets it apart from anything currently available centrifuges.

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Clinical Exome Sequencing

4 September 2023

The Clinical Exome Sequencing (CES) Expanded Panel has overcome the limitations of analyzing clinical diseases with whole exome sequencing. By selectively targeting the clinically significant genes, the panel enables comprehensive analysis with the most effective sequencing throughput.

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Ampliseq Community Panels

30 August 2023

Ion AmpliSeq community panels are helping transform research for cancer, inherited diseases, microbiology, and infectious diseases by enabling you to selectively analyze genetic content.

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Genetic Signatures

14 August 2023

We are pleased to announce the Channel Partner Agreement with Genetic Signatures to serve the Molecular diagnostics labs with latest technologies

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09 August 2023

We are delighted to announce the establishment of our new Channel Partner Agreement with Neogen for our Microbiology segment

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PCR Consumables

01 August 2023

Save up to 50% on PCR consumables, with our special discount for our existing customers. Give a boost to your research this summer with our complete PCR workflow solution.

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Oncomine Precision Assay

25 July 2023

Oncomine Precision Assay will enable you to combine your lab’s immunohistochemistry (IHC) results with timely NGS insights to deliver a complete, relevant report in as little as one day.

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Oncomine Myeloid Research Assay

18 July 2023

One single assay for comprehensive coverage of relevant myeloid mutations. Current methods for the analysis of hematological malignancies often involve multiple sequential tests and laborious workflows.

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Element Biosciences

12 May 2023

A multi-disciplinary organization focused on innovating genetic analysis tools for the research and diagnostic markets.

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23 March 2023

Revolutionizing laboratories’ workflow through full automation. A fully-automated high-speed Fluorescence Microscopy Instrument optimized for the identification, analysis and enumeration of rare cells in a biological sample.

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Oncomine BRCA Assay GX

14 March 2023

The Ion Torrent™ Oncomine™ BRCA Assay detects BRCA somatic and germline mutations from formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue and whole blood, and has been widely adopted in molecular pathology laboratories across the world and referenced in several publications.

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TrueMark STI

27 February 2023

Optimize your STI research testing with a reliable, accurate, and sensitive molecular solution

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ScaleBio scRNAseq Kit

19 January 2023

ScaleBio single-cell profiling and analysis solutions enable a unique combination of increased throughput, multi-omics support, high data quality, and lower overall prep and sequencing costs.

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Clean NGS Kit

11 January 2023

CleanNGS provides maximum flexibility allowing for left, right, or double-sided size selection by easily adjusting the sample to CleanNGS volume ratio(s).

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Stock Deals (UAE)

06 December 2022

WE’RE BACK to cater to your daily Lab needs. Please find the list of items available under the low price offer. Once you click the below icon, you can download the PDF of stock list. The orders will be on a first come first serve basis. Get your lab requirements less than a week!

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HIV-1 Genotyping Kit

29 November 2022

Enhancing the science in the global fight to end HIV. Bringing the world closer to realizing the 95-95-95 targets

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Every Lab Every Day

24 November 2022

Thermo Scientific Benchtop Shakers are robust enough for everyday use yet provide precise sample agitation for all your applications. With a broad range of digital speed and time settings, you can be confident that your sample will shake, mix, or pulse at the desired rate every time.

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TrueMark Infectious Disease Research Panels

21 November 2022

With SARS-CoV-2 needs rapidly changing from day to day, labs are considering expanding their test menu to other disease areas.

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Powerful Yet Simple Solution for Live Cell Analysis.

10 November 2022

The xCELLigence RTCA instruments use impedance-based technology to measure cell health and behavior continuously and automatically, from seconds to days. Simply add cells to the E-Plates and start monitoring cell number, proliferation rate, cell size, shape, and cell-substrate attachment in real time.

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Simplify storage in your Lab with BenchStable Cell Culture Media

7 November 2022

Save valuable cold storage space with room temperature stable BenchStable Media. Buy now. Choose Gibco BenchStable media for superior quality & consistency.

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Stock Clearance – Cell Culture Workflow Solution (KSA)

25 October 2022

WE’RE BACK to cater to your daily Lab needs. Please find the list of items available under the low price offer. Once you click the below icon, you can download the PDF of stock list. The orders will be on a first come first serve basis. Get your lab requirements less than a week!

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CellInsight CX7 LZR Pro HCS Platform

18 October 2022

Designed to meet the challenging needs of emerging life science models, the CX7 LZR Pro incorporates both laser-based fluorescence illumination and integrated Nipkow spinning-disc confocal technology for publication quality imaging of a broad range of samples from simple monolayers to thick spheroid samples.

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TaqMan Gene Expression Assay

22 September 2022

TaqMan Gene Expression Assays are referenced in tens of thousands of publications and are considered the gold standard for gene expression quantification by scientists around the world.

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Evos M5000 Imaging System

19 September 2022

The EVOS M5000 microscope combines precision components with a unique modern design functionality that enables high-quality fluorescence and color imaging anywhere with unprecedented flexibility.

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Attune Cytpix

13 September 2022

The ATTUNE CYTPIX Flow Cytometer is an advanced cell analyzer that combines acoustic focusing fluidics for high sensitivity and high throughput with a high-speed camera.

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Oncomine Comprehensive Assay

29 August 2022

Ion Torrent™ Oncomine™ liquid biopsy assays are highly sensitive, multi-biomarker next-generation sequencing (NGS) assays that enable molecular insights into tumor evolution and detection of the primary driver and resistance mutations for clinical research.

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27 July 2022

The CarrierMax FMR1 & SMN1/SMN2 Reagent Kit is used to detect the number of CGG repeats in the Fragile X Mental Retardation (FMR1) gene and to detect deletions in exon 7 of the Survival of Motor Neuron 1 (SMN1) gene that result in truncated SMN protein.

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Ion 16S™ Metagenomics Kit

21 July 2022

The Ion 16S™ Metagenomics Kit is designed for rapid, comprehensive and broad-range analyses of mixed microbial populations using the Ion Torrent™ semiconducter sequencing workflow.

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Take control of your results by putting an end to aliquoting

6 July 2022

An aliquot-free solution to minimize contamination and save time. The Gibco One Shot FBS 50 mL bottle is designed to significantly improve your results and solve myriad challenges slowing down your research. Join the aliquot-free revolution today!

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Precision Medicine Exhibition and Summit 2022

4 April 2022

Our CEO Prabhu Sampath speaks about IGB’s participation at PrecisionMed Exhibition & Summit 2022. He speaks about our focus areas like research in Genetics and Genomics, moving towards personalized medicines in Cardiovascular, diabetes, oncology, reproductive health and so on.

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Integrated Gulf Biosystems is appointed as exclusive distributor for GenDx

22 November 2017

We are happy to announce that from now on Integrated Gulf Biosystems (IGB) is the exclusive distributor for GenDx in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Bahrain.

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Leading Pathologists to Showcase First Case Studies with Oncomine Dx

14 November 2017

Thermo Fisher Scientific customers also highlight their latest research advancements in solid tumor profiling and liquid biopsy analysis during corporate workshops.

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New FTlyo Enteric fever kit now available

08 August 2017

Enteric fever, due to Salmonella, remains a significant public health problem predominantly in children in developing countries. Typhoid fever affects more than 20 million people per year and is associated with 300,000 deaths.

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Hamilton Robotics and Intra Globus Biosystems (IGB) together in India

May 2017

Hamilton Robotics is pleased to announce a new partnership in India, together with Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd (IGB). IGB is a sub subsidiary of Integrated Gulf Biosystems, that has been collaborating with Hamilton for more than 10 years in the Middle East region, with more than 100 platforms installed. This great-consolidated experience will be expanded to India, in order to guarantee the best possible level of support for our clients.

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Molecular Devices Introduces SpectraMax iD5

5 October 2017

Molecular Devices announced today the launch of the new SpectraMaxÂŽ iD5 Multi-Mode Microplate Reader, a feature-rich platform that expands the boundaries of scientific research.

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