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Neon NxT Electroporation System

The Neon NxT Electroporation System is a next-generation electroporation platform leveraging the unique and trusted Neon electroporation technology, which increases transfection efficiency and cell viability. The system streamlines the transfection of mammalian cells, including primary, stem, and difficult-to-transfect cells, for fast and efficient delivery of nucleic acids.

Features of the Neon NxT Electroporation System include

  • Proven Performance: up to 90% transfection efficiency in many cell types, including primary, stem, and difficult-to-transfect cells, while preserving cell viability with electroporation tip technology
  • Flexible: easily transfect 2 × 104 cells to 6 × 106 cells per reaction
  • Simple: easy to perform three-step process with a single buffer kit for all cell types
  • Customizable: optimize electroporation parameters freely or leverage over 300 pre-programmed protocols with the ability to save up to 10,000 additional protocols
  • Connectivity: Invitrogen TransfectionLab cloud app on Thermo Fisher Connect paired with Instrument Connect allows for digital experiment design and connectivity to the Neon NxT system
  • Improved Usability: improved pipette ergonomics with ClipTip interlocking technology, enhanced feedback loop, and intuitive user interface with plate setup

Trusted electroporation tip technology

Unlike standard cuvette-based electroporation chambers, the Neon NxT system uses a proprietary, biologically compatible pipette tip chamber that maximizes the distance between the two electrodes while minimizing their surface area, generating a more uniform electric field. This design allows better maintenance of physiological conditions, resulting in high cell survival compared to conventional electroporation.

Sample Preservation

The unique Neon NxT pipette tip eliminates the need for a separate electroporation cuvette or plate, while the compact design of the instrument enables an easy fit within a biosafety cabinet. Valuable cells are not lost through sample transfer and are at reduced risk of contamination.

Plug-n-play out of the box

The electroporation process couldn’t be simpler. Choose Quick Start or set up a plate for an entire experiment, assigning protocols to each well. Aspirate cells and plasmid mix into the Neon NxT pipette tip, dock into the pipette station, and press electroporate. Watch as the selected well on the screen receives a green checkmark indicating successful electroporation; then pipette the transfected cells into your culture vessel.

Perform more transfections with limited or precious cells

Your cells may be limited when you are required to perform neuronal preps or when enriching for homogeneous cell populations via FACS or Dynabeads enrichment. In these instances, reducing the number of cells required per transfection can allow you to perform more complex experiments with your precious cells.

Neon NxT Electroporation System

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