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LGC SeraCare Somatic Cancer

Why Seracare Controls more accurate and best in class: 

The Seraseq reference materials are based on biosynthetic DNA constructs bearing the variant of interest blended into a genomic DNA or total RNA wild-type or tumor background at the desired allele frequency or copy number, which is confirmed by digital PCR.

How do you quantitate the allelic frequencies of the introduced variants?

The quality control of allelic frequencies is performed using digital droplet PCR. The results are provided in the Product Report for each lot, which is available online. Depending on the product, the allelic frequencies are usually orthogonally confirmed with an appropriate targeted NGS assay.

How should I use Seraseq samples in my assay?

Seraseq samples should be treated in the same way as regular clinical specimens. The Mutation Mix format products can be introduced directly into the NGS library prep just like extracted DNA or RNA, while the Reference Material format samples need to undergo extraction first. Please see the product package insert for further details.

What is the difference between a Mutation Mix and a Reference Material?

Mutation Mix and Reference Material are two different sample formats. A mutation Mix is provided as purified DNA, ctDNA or RNA, whereas a Reference Material is a full-process sample provided either in FFPE or plasma, allowing the evaluation of the complete workflow from sample purification to result.

Is it possible to purchase just the background genomic DNA or total RNA from the GM24385 cell line?

Yes. We have 3 products, each containing a mixture of both DNA and RNA from GM24385, in either purified total nucleic acid or FFPE formats:

  • Material number 0710-1580: Seraseq® TNA (DNA/RNA) WT Mix
  • Material number 0710-0137: Seraseq® FFPE WT (DNA/RNA) Reference Material
  • Material number 0710-1710: Seraseq® Compromised FFPE WT (DNA/RNA) Reference Material

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