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Ion Torrent™ Genexus™ Dx Integrated Sequencer

The Ion Torrent™ Genexus™ Dx Integrated Sequencer delivers an effortless user experience while enabling regulatory compliance for clinical labs. With a single touchpoint and only 10 minutes of hands-on time, the Genexus™ Dx Integrated Sequencer completes nucleic acid-to report workflows in a single day. The Genexus™ Dx Software supports running IVD assays and assay development for clinical research.

Key Features

  • Speed – Complete nucleic acid to report workflows in a single day with a single touchpoint, and 10 minutes of total hands-on time
  • Simplicity – Automate library prep, sequencing, analysis and variant calling all on one instrument using pre-filled reagents
  • Scalability – Modular consumables support multiplexing up to 32 library reactions per run across one to four lanes of the GX5 Dx chip 
  • Flexibility – Use the Genexus Dx Software to run IVD assays and assay development for clinical research
  • Confidence – Prevent user error by providing real-time feedback on consumable placement using the onboard vision system
A new generation solution for genomic profiling

What is the end-to-end NGS workflow?

The Genexus System is two instruments connected by one software.

The end-to-end NGS workflow is performed by the Genexus System completing and automating NGS steps. The Genexus Purification System replaces sample prep by extracting and quantifying nucleic acids in about two or four hours. The Genexus Integrated Sequencer automates library prep, templating, and sequencing. The one ecosystem software links instruments to report and has been simplified for a lower learning curve. Data files can be exported for third party analytics or use Thermo Fisher analytic tools to generate customizable report formats based on guidelines, clinical trials, curated markers, and novel variants.

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