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Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System

The Incucyte® Live-Cell Analysis System is our more advanced offering for live-cell imaging and analysis. It leverages up to five total fluorescence channels (up to three simultaneously) – including a long wavelength, low phototoxicity NIR channel – that makes it ideal for long-term time-lapse experiments. The system offers high-resolution imaging, real-time kinetic monitoring and automated analysis capabilities. The system also supports up to six microplates in parallel, meaning a wide range of vessels are supported depending on your live-cell imaging and analysis needs.  With a unique moving optical pathway, cells remain undisturbed within the physiologically relevant environment of the incubator throughout the course of the assay. Additionally, an automated turret boasting 4X/10X/20X objectives makes the Incucyte® our most powerful instrument for multi-user laboratories looking to run multiple assays concurrently.   

Incucyte® comes standard with a Green/Orange/NIR Optical Module which enables the support of neuronal activity assays in addition to our standard applications. A user-swappable Green/Red Optical Module is available for purchase, as well as an Incucyte® ATP Optical Module for support of our FRET-based ATP Assay.   

This live-cell imaging and analysis system is designed to automatically analyze data as it is collected, providing researchers with real-time insights into cell behavior. It is a powerful tool for cell biology research, providing more colors, more applications and more advanced imaging and analysis capabilities to help drive research forward.

Top Features of the Incucyte Live-Cell Analysis System

  • Up to 5 different fluorescent channels, up to 3 simultaneously
  • 4X, 10X, 20X objectives on an automated turret
  • Support for 3 interchangeable vessel trays and over 600 vessels, up to 6 microplates in parallel

Incucyte Live Analysis

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