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Revolutionizing laboratoriesā€™ workflow through full automation.

A fully-automated high-speed Fluorescence Microscopy Instrument optimized for the identification, analysis and enumeration of rare cells in a biological sample

Ikoniscope20 is a fully-automated diagnostic solution based on fluorescence microscopy with applications in cancer diagnostics (FISH, CTC) and prenatal diagnosis. The image detection component of
the Ikoniscope can be adapted to acquire and analyze a broad range of biological signals from different cells and tissues.

All instrument functions, including slide movement, Ikoniscope microscope control, and image analysis are performed automatically. Ikonisoft Software, our proprietary software, controls each step of the high-speed operation.

The system provides extremely fast scanning methods to facilitate rapid identification and characterization of rare cells. The system has unique optical and illumination configurations optimized for accurate focusing, precise stage movement, and detection of specific optical signals.

The Ikoniscope stage, for holding and moving the slides in three dimensions, works with tolerances in the sub-micrometer range. The Camera System is optimized for low-light conditions and fast data transfer.


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