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IGB Partners with Genetic Signatures

We are pleased to announce the Channel Partner Agreement with Genetic Signatures to serve the Molecular diagnostics labs with latest technologies.

About Genetic Signatures

They are transforming molecular diagnostics via streamlined sample processing methods linked to highly multiplexed real-time PCR screening assays. Genetic Signatures is a specialist molecular diagnostics (MDx) company focused on the development and commercialization of its proprietary platform technology, 3base™.

EasyScreen™ & 3base™ Technology

The 3base™ process doubles the amount of genetic information we can interrogate for each organism, as the 2 strands of nucleic acid are no longer complementary. We have effectively doubled the genome size and therefore we are able to look for genuinely unique genetic signatures of our target organisms. This extends to viral sequences, even single-stranded viruses, which still produce the complementary strand upon infecting a cell. Again, these 2 strands are no longer complementary post 3base™ conversion, and allows us to identify the different strands at potentially physiologically relevant life-cycle stages.

3base™ technology is more immune than 4 base molecular methods to naturally occurring genetic mutation. This is most beneficial in single-stranded RNA viruses, where a C to T mutation is the most frequent natural change; 3base™ technology obviates this mutation as well as any T to C mutations.

Benefits of 3base™ Technology:

Allows for simple multiplexed assays

  • Fewer primers, less competition and a more efficient reaction translating to improved sensitivity
  • More targets can be detected per specimen, eg 22 gastroenteritis causing enteric pathogens are simultaneously detected from stool

Universally applicable to all specimen types, compatible with both DNA and RNA

  • Able to work with multiple specimen types simultaneously

Compatible with all nucleic acid detection technology

  • Including PCR, real-time PCR, Isothermal amplification, array-based detection, melt curve analysis etc.

The inventions can be broadly grouped into the following categories:

Current Technology:

  1. Simplification of Genomes for Microbial Detection (3base™): Treating naturally occurring nucleic acids with bisulphite and using the resultant modified nucleic acids to detect pathogens and disease.

Emerging Technologies:

  1. Methylation Detection
    A variety of methods and techniques to explore these phenomena in nucleic acids by the specific amplification of methylated sequences.
  2. Isothermal Amplification
    A method for amplification and detection of nucleic acids at a fixed temperature.
  3. Engineered enzymes for enhanced PCR
    A novel enzyme has been engineered, in collaboration with the LMB in Cambridge UK, to improve the efficiency and speed of PCR amplification of bisulphite treated nucleic acids.
  4. Improving cervical cancer diagnosis
    A method combining the detection of HPV with the methylation status of the infected genome to improve cancer diagnosis and reduce needless surgical intervention.

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