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IGB Partners with Element Biosciences

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Element Biosciences, a multi-disciplinary organization focused on innovating genetic analysis tools for the research and diagnostic markets.

About Element Biosciences

They are developing a modular and high-performing DNA sequencing platform that will deliver high-quality data, and workflow flexibility and make next-generation sequencing technology more accessible.

Our proprietary approach to improving the signal-to-noise ratio allows us to provide ground-breaking innovations in surface chemistry, instrumentation, and biochemistry to drastically decrease the run cost and capital cost while delivering high sequencing data quality.

Element Biosciences Portfolio

Whole Genome Sequencing

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) is the process of determining the entire DNA sequence of an organism’s genome at a specific point in time. An entire genome is defined by chromosomal DNA as well as the DNA in an organism’s cellular organelles such as its mitochondrial DNA. And in plants, the entire DNA sequence of the organism would also include the DNA sequence in its chloroplasts.

WGS provides the highest resolution of all the sequencing approaches due to its comprehensiveness. Therefore, WGS enables the identification of all types of sequence variations. From very small or single nucleotide variations between genomes to variants found in non-coding sequence regions that would be otherwise be missed by more targeted sequencing methods, such as only sequencing the organism’s exome DNA.

  • Gencove and Element Biosciences Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Obtaining Genomic Information
  • Element AVITITM System is Compatible with 10x Genomics system and BD Rhapsody Single-Cell Analysis system
  • Fast and Accurate Data Processing
Element Biosciences

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