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Hamilton Verso Q20

Verso Q20 is all that but more!

Verso Q20 is a fully automated sample storage and retrieval system on the footprint of a standard lab freezer.

Verso Q-Series | Automated Freezer Storage | Hamilton

About Verso Q20

  • A freezer that organizes and sorts samples for you
  • A freezer that knows the exact location of each of your samples
  • A freezer that will free up your time for more important tasks


Save your time:

Verso Q20 automatically takes every sample and arranges them in the way you want. It will operate anywhere between +20C and -20C. All at speeds up to 500 tubes/hour. Just imagine what you could achieve if the Q20 does all your preparation work for you! On top of that, it’ll all be done at the storage temperature so no other samples will be affected.

Free up your mind:

Verso Q20 takes care of your processed samples as you walk away. Just drop the sample rack and go on with what really matters. No need to log on, no need to initiate any action on the machine, Verso Q20 just knows what to do!

Verso automatically recognizes, identifies and registers all samples in its database, defragments the internal storage organization and stores all samples safety at temperature. You know at any time that your samples are safe and Verso Q20 knows at any time the exact location of each and everyone of your samples.

Enjoy your freedom:

Operate the system from where ever you are to make sure samples are ready when you are ready. Control your system from the Verso Q20 screen, from your desktop PC in your office, from your tablet while on your way to the lab, or from your mobile before you start for a run. Anytime – Anyplace – with full control.

Get your samples with a tap of the finger:

To order your samples, simply select that samples you want from the inventory browser. You may also upload a file or use the powerful Hamilton Applications Programmers Interface (API) to recall the samples you need. It’s as simple as ordering a drink from the beverage vending machine.

Protect your environment – because it matters:

Verso Q20 comes by default with lowest power consumption of its class and the latest and most environmental friendly natural refrigerant to protect the earth from global warming. Zero ozone depletion potential (ODP) and global warming potential that is close to zero set new landmarks in automated sample management.

Integrate Verso Q20 with your Liquid Handler:

Verso Q20 provides an advanced and easy to configure automation programming interface (API) that allows for advanced liquid handling workflows. An optional Handoff Position Module allows the transfer samples from any liquid handling station into Verso Q20 right after production and Verso Q20 could stock any primers needed for your assays to make sure they remain stable.

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