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Silicon Biosystems

Menarini Silicon-Biosystems is leader in technologies for single and rare cell analysis. The three cutting edge products are:

  • DEPArray™ NxT: the unique image-based digital cell-sorter for 100% accurate identification and isolation of single and rare cells from biological samples
  • Ampli1 Whole Genome Amplification and analysis kits: specifically designed for single cell DNA analysis, offer the most accurate analysis of mutations and copy number variation for fresh and fixed single cells
  • VRNxT volume reduction device: the unique device capable of removing 99% of supernatant from a cell pellet without loosing any cell


DEPArray™ digital sorting technology finds application in:

  • Cancer research for the isolation of pure Circulating Tumor Cells (CTCs) from enriched blood or pure tumor cells from FFPE samples, enabling the most complex molecular analysis, including mutations, Copy Number Variation and LoH from the same cell.
  • Forensic genetics, enabling to resolve the most complex mixtures through the isolation and STR profiling of single cells from mixed evidence,

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