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Silicon Biosystems

Silicon Biosystems is recognized for its DEPArray™ image-based cell-sorting and isolation technology. This technology enables single-cell isolation and analysis, which is crucial for Cancer Research. Cancer is a heterogeneous disease and sometimes early detection is thwarted by analysis of biopsies containing a mixture of tumor and normal stromal cells. To enable precise identification of the tumor’s genetic profile, it is beneficial to evaluate only the populations of pure tumor cells. DEPArray™ systems enable recovery of 100% pure tumor cells in a mixed population.

In 2017, Menarini-Silicon Biosystems acquired all the assets for CELLSEARCH® Circulating Tumor Cell (CTC) System. A complete workflow combining CELLSEARCH and DEPArray thus allows studies of CTC in a simple blood sample, furthering early detection of cancers and promoting personalized therapeutic solutions for cancer patients. Other applications of this technology include use in Forensics and studies involving cell-cell interactions.

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