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EVOS™ M5000 Imaging System

The EVOS M5000 Imaging System is a fully integrated digital inverted benchtop microscope for four-color fluorescence, transmitted-light, and color imaging. With interchangeable optics with autofocus, single-click multi-channel image acquisition, and an interface designed for usability, you can acquire publication-quality images in minutes. And with a range of post-capture tools, from brightness/contrast to annotations and automated cell counting, the EVOS M5000 system is an exceptionally versatile microscope and ideal for a broad range of imaging applications.

The EVOS M5000 Imaging System offers you these important advantages:
• Easy installation—no maintenance, assembly, alignment, or calibration
• User-defined four-color fluorescence, transmitted light, and color applications
• Autofocus, Z-stack capability, time-lapse imaging, and single-click multi-channel capture
• On-board software for acquisition, analysis, and automated cell counting

Fully integrated imaging system

The EVOS M5000 microscope combines precision components with a unique modern design functionality that enables high-quality fluorescence and color imaging anywhere with unprecedented flexibility. It is a fully integrated imaging system that combines precision optics, an 18.5” high-resolution articulated LCD monitor, and a highly sensitive 3.2 MP monochrome CMOS camera (2048 x 1536) with 3.45-µm pixel resolution. The monochrome camera affords the best sensitivity for detection of faint fluorescence signals and allows quantitative analysis. At the same time the condenser includes a novel LED-based RGB illumination scheme that enables high-quality, low-noise color image acquisition using the same monochrome sensor, enabling rendering of true color in transmitted light, which is beneficial when imaging stained tissue samples such as H&E stained tissue sections.

Versatile and highly configurable

With a five-position objective turret and the ability to acquire images in four fluorescence channels, transmitted light phase-contrast, and color, the optical system can be easily configured to meet your needs. Choose from our broad range of high-quality long-working-distance and coverslip-corrected objectives for use with plastic vessels or glass sides. Available from 1.25X to 100X magnification with achromat, fluorite, or apochromat correction, together with over twenty LED light cubes, the sample imaging options are limitless. Interchangeable vessel holders accommodate most vessel types and sizes, including slides, multi-well plates, culture flasks, and Petri dishes, and afford precise control and sample alignment by the automated stage.

Easy to use and reliable

The EVOS M5000 Imaging System is powerful, yet offers the simplicity of plug-and-play. It requires no warm-up or cool-down periods, allowing you to capture images in minutes. The environmentally safe, mercury-free LED lights are rated for 50,000 hours and afford exceptional stability and durability—you can turn the unit on and off whenever you need to image a sample. The long lifetime and low energy consumption translate into significantly lower operating costs compared to instruments with conventional light sources. Designed by biologists for biologists with a modern, icon-based interface, the EVOS M5000 microscope is remarkably easy to use. Following seamless image acquisition, you can analyze, edit, and annotate your images using a set of convenient tools available in both live mode and for saved images. To easily count the number of DAPI-stained cells, we have developed an automated cell count app. Once you have finished editing and analysis, save the images and data to the embedded hard-drive, an external USB device, or a local network.

The EVOS imaging systems are built from the ground up to maximize performance and optimize workflow. You will be astonished at how easy it is to operate and amazed at how extraordinary your images look on-screen.

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