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DynaSpin Single-Use Centrifuge

The need for innovative single-use harvesting solutions that serve recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs), and bioengineered vaccine manufacturing remains high. With a growing need for process efficiencies and optimization, the Thermo Scientific DynaSpin Single-Use Centrifuge provides a robust single-use harvest solution that delivers superior separation and next-generation automation, adding significant value to drug manufacturing.

The DynaSpin centrifuge fills a key gap in bioproduction workflows by offering a competitive solution to the harvest application. Intensified upstream processes and the adoption of large-scale single-use bioreactors place increased stress on downstream unit operations. The DynaSpin centrifuge demonstrates a significant value-add in the single-use bioproduction workflow.

Key Features

  • Reduction in depth filter surface area across all scales
  • Mitigates bottlenecks in large-scale bioreactors
  • Closed system results in process risk reduction
  • Increased process monitoring automation enables plug-and-play functionality
  • Increased efficiency helping to enable a reduction in labor
  • Decrease in unit operation footprint requirement
  • Single-use centrifugal rotor
  • Simple installation and operation

DynaSpin Single-Use Centrifuge

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