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Dynabeads Magnetic Beads

Dynabeads products center around the goals to provide reliable and reproducible results for the purification and analysis of cells, proteins, exosomes, DNA, RNA, and other molecules. Dynabeads magnetic beads and products deliver highly cited results in the research industry across multiple application areas. Meanwhile, Thermo Fisher Scientific provides exceptional service and support backed by over 30+ years of knowledge and expertise.

What are Dynabeads magnetic beads?

  • Dynabeads magnetic beads are superparamagnetic particles—they exhibit magnetic properties when placed in a magnetic field but retain no residual magnetism once removed from the magnetic field
  • Unique batch-to-batch reproducibility secures reproducible, quality results
  • Spherical shape and defined surface chemistry minimizes chemical agglutination and non-specific binding
  • Polymer shell on each bead protects your target from toxic exposure to iron
  • Bioreactive molecules can be absorbed or coupled to their surface, and used to separate biological materials (cells, proteins, nucleic acids, etc.)

Products for cell separation

Negative and positive isolation kits and depletion products are designed for isolating cells prior to downstream cell-based assays and phenotyping. Since there are no beads left on the cells after isolation, the kits are fully compatible with flow cytometry–based applications.

Negative isolation kits:

Negative isolation (Untouched™) kits use Dynabeads® in combination with an antibody cocktail to remove all unwanted cells from your sample, leaving only the target cells of interest behind. These kits are optimal for the isolation of fragile cells or when there are concerns that activation via anti body binding can interfere with downstream assays. Our antibody cocktails have been optimized to give you high cell purity and yield, and your resulting cells are both antibody- and bead-free.

Positive isolation kits:

Dynal® positive isolation kits and FlowComp™ kits use Dynabeads® to isolate cells of interest directly from your sample (e.g., human or mouse whole blood, bone marrow or peripheral blood mono nuclear cells, spleen, or lymph nodes) by binding to antibody-coated Dynabeads®. After a simple step in which the beads are removed, the cells can be used directly in all downstream experiments, including flow cytometry. Positive isolation is ideal when cells of the highest purity and viability are required. Our products are ideal for all types of sample material and are particularly suited for isolation of cells from viscous materials such as whole blood.

Depletion products:

Dynabeads® depletion products are ideal for removal of one unwanted cell type at a time from your sample. Dynabeads® are precoated with an antibody toward one target cell type that can be depleted from all types of starting material. Our products are particularly suited for removal of cells from viscous materials such as whole blood.

Isolation of cells for molecular studies:

Dynabeads® precoated with an antibody toward one target cell type can also be used for positive cell isolation when the downstream application includes molecular studies. Lyse the cells directly after isolation, and isolate proteins, DNA, or mRNA to be used in PCR, microarrays, proteomics, and other applications where the removal of Dynabeads® is not required. Target cells may be isolated from all types of starting material. These products are particularly suited for the isolation of cells from viscous materials such as whole blood.

Searching for high-performing, sustainable magnetic beads?

DynaGreen Magnetic Beads provide high-quality, reproducible results and are also environmentally friendly and microplastic-free. How do these beads contribute to a more sustainable science? All DynaGreen Magnetic Beads have the following features:

  • Non-microplastic bead core
  • Energy-efficient manufacturing
  • Reduced water consumption
  • Use of non-hazardous chemicals
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Paperless documents


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