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Discover Single Cell Biology at Scale


ScaleBio’s scRNAseq 3′ gene expression library preparation kit and analysis software enables the indexing of up to 96 samples and up to 150,000 cells in a single experiment in support of larger and more complex single-cell studies. ScaleBio’s scRNAseq kit is compatible with mouse and human cell lines, PBMCs and nuclei sample types.


ScaleBio’s scATACseq chromatin accessibility library preparation pre-indexing kit and analysis software enable the indexing of up to 24 samples and profiling of up to 300,000 nuclei in a single experiment, supporting larger and more complex single-cell studies. ScaleBio’s scATACseq solution has been demonstrated on a broad range of sample types and applications.


ScaleBio single-cell profiling and analysis solutions enable a unique combination of increased throughput, multi-omics support, high data quality, and lower overall prep and sequencing costs.

Scalable sample indexing

Scalable sample indexing

Enables sample multiplexing up to 96 samples per experiment, with the ability to fix, store and transport samples.

Highly efficient chemistries

Highly efficient chemistries

Enables the construction of complex single-cell libraries that result in exceptional data quality.

Scalable cell throughput

Scalable cell throughput

Enables profiling of hundreds of thousands to millions of cells or nuclei per experiment with low multiplet rates.

Low library preparation costs

Cost-effective library preparation

Enables library construction at a fraction of the cost per sample and cell cost relative to on-market systems.

Multi-modal application support

Broad application support

Enables Genomic, Proteomic, Epigenomic, Transcriptomic, and Multi-omics profiling applications.

Instrument agnostic and compatible

Accessible technology and workflow

Compatible with and independent of the on-market single-cell droplet and well-based single-cell systems.

How it works

ScaleBio’s combinatorial indexing-based single-cell profiling and analysis solutions enable increased levels of sample multiplexing, increased cell throughput, and support for a broad range of genomic, epigenomic, transcriptomic, proteogenomic, and multi-omic applications.

Combinatorial indexing technology and methods leverage the cell as a compartment, enabling an accessible, instrument-free, easy-to-adopt 2-day single-cell (and nuclei) profiling workflow:

1. Permeabilized cells are distributed in a multi-well plate where barcoded probes tag cellular analytes with a barcode.

2. These barcoded cells are pooled, then randomly re-distributed for another round of barcoding or indexing.

3. This process is completed when the desired barcode space has been achieved.

The number of cells or nuclei profiled can be scaled up exponentially with repeated rounds of pooling and splitting to enable single-cell experiments with up to 96 samples and 100,00 to millions of cells, at a fraction of the cost of on-market single-cell isolation instruments.

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