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Countess 3 Automated Cell Counter

Thermo Fisher Scientific offers two high-performance, automated cell counters designed to meet the needs of any lab for accurate and precise cell counting without the drudgery, wasted time, subjectivity, and variability of manual hemocytometer counting. Developed by expert cell biologists with the aid of artificial intelligence, the Invitrogen Countess 3 and Countess 3 FL instruments are almost a paradox: automated cell counters that think like a cell biologist.

Countess 3 Automated Cell Counters provide highly accurate and precise brightfield and fluorescence cell counts even for challenging cell sample types. Automated features like rapid capture, autosave, and built-in calculators add convenience and time savings. Whether you’ve been counting cells manually or using an early-generation automated counter, the Countess 3 cell counters represent a significant upgrade in counting accuracy and workflow efficiency.


  1. Accurate and precise: Automated cell counting with Countess 3 instruments can reduce data errors and variability from many causes, including operator subjectivity and fatigue, counting area, and challenging samples. Countess 3 cell counters achieve both the accuracy of manual cell counts and the precision of flow cytometer counts, without the expense or training required by flow cytometry
  2. Fast: Countess 3 Automated Cell Counters produce results in less than 30 seconds. With rapid capture, auto-lighting, autofocus, and autosave, all you have to do is load the sample and insert the slide. Time in the cell culture lab is precious, and with the Countess 3 instrument you can get in and out quickly to maintain social distancing protocols.
  3. Simple: Counting cells in brightfield mode with a Countess 3 or Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counter is simple and easy. Simply prepare the slide, enable Rapid Capture and Autosave, and insert the slide. The instrument does the rest automatically: illuminate, focus, and count.
  4. Automated: With Countess 3 Automated Cell Counters, it’s not only counting that’s automated. The system automatically adjusts lighting and focus for optimal contrast and resolution, and automatically saves cell counts and data (if you choose that option).
  5. Applications beyond counting: The Countess 3 FL Automated Cell Counter offers one brightfield and two interchangeable fluorescence channels. Cell biology labs that need accurate, simple, quick, and affordable brightfield and fluorescence cell counts, extending to in-depth analysis of mixed cell populations such as live vs dead, nucleated vs non-nucleated, and transfected vs untransfected 
  6. Reusable slide compatible: Both Countess 3 instrument models can use the Invitrogen Countess Reusable Slide, an environmentally sustainable and economical option that eliminates the waste and cost of disposable slides. Even if your lab uses only five slides per day, you can generate significantly less waste per year by using the reusable slide. This innovation makes it affordable for labs to automate their cell counts without incurring the ongoing cost of disposable slides.

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