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CryoMed™ Controlled-Rate Freezer

Controlled-rate Freezing:

The rate at which cell and gene therapies are frozen is important, as the freezing process affects the rate of formation and size of ice crystals, as well as the solution effects that occur during freezing. Different types of cells may require different cooling rates; however, a uniform cooling rate of 1°C per minute from ambient temperature is effective for a wide variety of cells and organisms by using Thermo Scientific™ Mr. Frosty™ Freezing Container.

Despite the control applied to the cooling of cells, most of the water present will freeze at approximately -2°C to -5°C. The change in state from liquid to crystalline form results in the release of energy in the form of heat; this is known as the “latent heat of fusion.” Warming of the sample occurs until the equilibrium freezing point is reached, at which temperature ice continues to form.

To achieve uniform, controlled cooling rates, use a programmable controlled-rate freezer (CRF) such as the Thermo Scientific™ CryoMed™ CRF. Unlike the CryoMed, manual/simpler units allow only the selection of a single cooling rate for the entire temperature range. The CryoMed, however, allows a selection of variable freezing rates for different portions of the cooling curve.

Controlled-rate Freezing

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