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CellInsight CX7 LZR Pro Platform

The Thermo Scientific CellInsight CX7 High-Content Screening Platform is an LED based platform that offers a choice of imaging modes to extract the information you need from your samples. Both well-by-well and channel-by-channel, you can select the right modes to read your sample—with the resolution and dynamic range that results from the high performance of the optical train and sensitive camera. Use the entire fluorescence spectrum to optimize your assay and select either widefield or confocal optics for any channel.

Accelerate your research when you combine the Onstage Incubator with the Thermo Scientific™ CellInsight™ CX7 LZR Pro HCS Platform. The new platform leverages advanced laser technology to create a powerful light source for increased speed and image quality for great performance in assays that require confocal imaging.

Enabling live-cell capabilities for longer-term imaging across all new and most existing CellInsight high-content platforms


Live-cell experiment optimization

The CX7 Pro light has been optimized for live-cell experiments. Laser illumination provides flatter and brighter images with low background

Confocal imaging mode

CrEST™ spinning-disk confocal technology with dual 40 or 70 micron pinhole size. The CrEST confocal is engineered directly into the optical path to provide high-resolution confocal imaging capabilities.

Brightfield imaging mode

Using an LED array for RGB and amber illumination, this mode allows users to make colorimetric absorbance measurements of histology samples with classic stains like H&E.

Widefield imaging mode

The 7-color light engine reduces switching times and intensity fluctuations to reduce scan times and boost quantitative performance.


The CX7 Pro is configured for fully automated plate handling and scanning.


Multiplex your colorimetric absorbance data with fluorescence measurements, offering more possibilities for verification and correlation.

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