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The CellCelector Flex platform is a unique and fully automated cell imaging and picking system developed for the detection, selection and isolation of single cells, clusters, spheroids and organoids, as well as single cell clones and adherent colonies. The cell picking technique is predicated on a non-invasive mechanical aspiration process where cells of interest can be detected, identified and selected in a fully automated manner, using either label-free size and morphology characteristics, or fluorescence markers.

The Standard Experiment Workflow of the system is separated into 5 steps:

  • Scanning of source vessels in brightfield, phase contrast and/or fluorescence to acquire and store images
  • Analysis of acquired images and detection of cells or colonies of interest according to user-defined criteria
  • Review, Classification and Ranking of the analysis results by the operator
  • Picking of the detected single cells and colonies
  • Documentation and export of the results (images, numeric data)


  • Versatility: picking and isolation from samples of single cells to complex models like organoids from a variety of liquid and semi-solid media
  • Isolation of living or fixed cells
  • Validated protocols for a wide range of applications
  • Flexibility to develop unique imaging, detection and picking protocols
  • Fully automated picking modes with real-time visualization of picking process
  • Automated adjustment of picking position and height
  • GLP and GMP compliant documentation and traceability


  • Ideal for research and development applications with customizable protocols
  • Easy to follow experimental workflows and protocols for routine work
  • Highly flexible and high-quality image processing and analysis, and sensitive, precise picking
  • User-definable export of all experiment data for subsequent documentation and archiving

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