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Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Next Generation sequencing (NGS) is a high throughput (DNA and RNA) sequencing methodology which has made immense impact on Cancer research, Reproductive genomics, HLA typing, Metagenomics, Human identification in Forensics, Infectious disease identification and several other areas. Common applications that have been implemented on NGS platforms include Gene Expression studies, Chromosome counting, Genotyping and STR analysis.

Solutions from

Our solutions for NGS are based on Thermo Scientific Ion Torrent chemistries which record a change in pH after each base (dNTP) addition to the growing DNA polymer. These measurements use a semiconductor based technology allowing measurement of millions of changes in a simple workflow. This method with targeted sequencing approach introduces a PCR-based sequence enrichment step using Ion AmpliSeq technology that focuses on genes or even genetic variants of interest; a good example is the targeting of oncogenes and tumor suppressors in a cancer research study.

Solutions for NGS Sequencing Workflow

Sample Prep for RNA Select Targets Construct Library Prepare Templates Run sequence NGS data analysis

Ion AmpliSeq Panels for Targeted Sequencing

Simple, versatile technology based on highly multiplexed PCR helps you target tens to hundreds of genes across mutation types including SNPs, indels, fusions, and copy number variants. One tube simplicity to unravel complex biology associated with multiple areas of research: Cancer Research, Inherited Research, Transcriptome analysis, Human identification and work with any custom reference genome.

Run times and output on Ion GeneStudio S5 systems

Chip type Number of reads Read length (Output) † Ion Gene Studio S5 System Ion Gene Studio S5 Plus System Ion Gene Studio S5 Prime System
Turnaround time (Sequencing run* and Analysis time)
Ion 510 Chip 2–3M 200 bp (0.3–0.5 Gb) 4.5 hr 3 hr 3 hr
400 bp (0.6–1 Gb) 10.5 hr 5  hr 5 hr
Ion 520 Chip 4–6M 200 bp (0.6–1 Gb) 7.5 hr 3.5 hr 3 hr
400 bp (1.2–2 Gb) 12 hr 5.5 hr 5.5 hr
3–4M 600 bp (0.5–1.5 Gb) 12 hr 5.5 hr 5.5 hr
Ion 530 Chip 15–20M 200 bp (3–4 Gb) 10.5 hr 5 hr 4 hr
400 bp (6-8 Gb) 21.5 hr 8 hr 6.5 hr
9–12M 600 bp (1.5–4.5 Gb) 21 hr 8 hr 7 hr
Ion 540 Chip 60–80M 200 bp (10–15 Gb) 19 hr 10 hr 6.5 hr
200 bp (20–30 Gb)
2 runs in 1 day
N/A 20 hr 10** hr
Ion 550 Chip 100–130M 200 bp (20–25 Gb) N/A 11.5 hr 8.5 hr
200 bp (40–50 Gb)
2 runs in 1 day
N/A N/A 12** hr

Common Equipment


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