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Clinical Diagnostics & HLA

IGB offerings for Clinical Diagnostics cover solutions for Transplantation, HLA, genomic solutions for non-invasive prenatal screening/testing (NIPT), Pre-implantation genomic studies (PGS) & Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). Besides these, we offer current NGS solutions in Personalized Medicine (Cancer) and infectious disease identification. These solutions are offered from global leaders such as GenDx, BAG Healthcare, Premaitha Health, Thermo Scientific and Fast-track Diagnostics.

Transplant Biology & HLA

Studies of the Major Histocompatibility loci (MHC I and II) form the cornerstone for evaluating transplant matching between donors and long term tracking of successful transplants. This complex also called the HLA (Human Leukocyte Antigen) complex in humans (& H2 in mouse) serves as marker to determine compatibility between a donor and a recipient. HLA markers also dictate the blood typing of an individual.

Discover more at Transplant Biology & HLA…

Reproductive Genomics

Infertility is a growing problem in several regions including the middle-east. A combination of environmental and genetic factors contribute to this phenomenon. In vitro fertilization and associated genetic testing offers solutions for couples enabling them to grow their families. Techniques commonly used to evaluate the genetic health of the embryo (PGS and PGD) and NIPS (NIPT) have become rampant in reproductive genomics. See our solutions for NIPT, PGS and PGD here…

Cancer Personalized Genomics

Treatment for Cancer tend to rely on aggressive chemotherapeutic regimens to abrogate the growth of rapidly dividing tumor cells. However, these agents non-specifically destroy a lot of normal cells causing detrimental side-effects (loss of hair, liver damage and others). Identification of genetic markers (gene mutations) that cause specific type of cancers and matching treatment to target these cells specifically constitutes the realm of Cancer Personalized Genomics. Explore how DNA signatures can lead to Personalized Cancer Treatments.

Infectious Disease Research

Real-Time PCR and Next generation sequencing (NGS) are two techniques that have allowed rapid identification of disease causing infectious agents. Metagenomics based analysis using NGS allow the study of complex organisms in an environment without culturing. Real-time PCR offers multiplexing enabling studies of multiple variants in a syndrome. More on these solutions here…


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