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Basic Research

Genomics the study of DNA, RNA and bioinformatics has changed the face of biology. Pathway level elucidation of cellular phenomenon are now possible. The findings in basic research have led to the development of myriad genetic tests, DNA tools for the clinic and impacted several fields including Cancer Research, inherited disease analysis and studies of the environment.

Genomic Data Solutions

Bioinformatics for Interpretation of genomic results is explored in this section. Learn about algorithms and genome databases that convert gene & DNA variant data into actionable results.

Cancer Research

Etiology of Cancer and genetics have been closely interlinked in biology. Some of the first findings from DNA sequence and protein analysis were applicable to Cancer Research. Identification of a myriad number of cellular functions such as kinases, phosphatases and others related to cell dysregulation leading to cancer resulted from these studies. Our largest portfolio of offerings based on Real-time PCR, proteomic solutions, cell imaging and NGS for cancer research are discussed here….Read More.

Inherited Disease Research

Single gene studies through capillary sequencing and multi-gene disorder studies via NGS can be used to analyze the inheritance pattern of many diseases. Our targeted gene panels and exome sequencing solutions for this portfolio are covered in this section…Read More

Environmental Biology

Whether water quality, hospital surveillance or studies of other environments, our solutions for microbiology along with dedicated solutions for sample collection and nucleic acid extraction encompass this section. Besides the above, we offer solutions for liquid handling and bio-storage for high or low throughput testing labs.


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