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Food Safety & Agriculture

Food safety to ensure it is free of pathogens and identification of GMO or adulterants is a common application employing molecular biology techniques such as PCR, Sanger Sequencing and NGS.

Solutions from

Our offerings for microbiological food testing are: Food microbiology testing applications

Sample preparation
Food Microbiology Detection & Quantitation
Food Microbiology Confirmation & Identification
Food Environmental Microbiology
Microbiology poultry solutions
Infant formula microbiology testing

Testing for Food authenticity and labeling looks at the presence of GMO signatures using PCR and other mixed meat species testing using Real-Time PCR methodologies.

Common workflow for GMO testing involve extraction of DNA, sample preparation and finally real-time PCR analysis and data generation. Our solutions from Applied Biosystems for these are depicted below.

Food & Beverage Equipment and Plastic ware

The food industry requires bulk analysis of samples with quick TAT to get data and reduce cost per sample.

Automation of several steps in these workflows enables this. For our solutions from Hamilton Robotics: Read more


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