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Applied Markets

Genomics is becoming a key component in many applied market segments such as food production, forensics and bio-production. Our offerings for this segment come mainly from Thermo Scientific, OMNI international and Hamilton.


DNA based human identification was one of the first applications of PCR technology in Forensics. PCR along with capillary sequencing was adapted for identification of genetic markers such as short tandem repeats (STR’s). Additional recent additions to forensic studies include kits for sexual assault and others for Human identification using NGS. Explore this topic more at…Read more

Animal Health

Our portfolio of solutions for animal health allow identification of diseases in ovine, bovine, poultry, caprine and equine animal communities. These can be deployed easily in veterinary clinics, zoos and any other animal health surveillance set up. Solutions for this subject can be found at…Read More.

Food Safety & Agriculture

GMO or not, presence of microbial contaminants and proper handling of food are common concerns that plague the food safety and agriculture industry. Explore how real-time and sequencing solutions are helping identify pathogens, preventing food fraud and much more here…Read More


Vaccines, Biosimilar, food additives and many products are nowadays produced in bulk using recombinant cell culturing and large scale growth. These cells typically tend to be yeast or bacterial in origin and contain recombinant genes expressing the biomolecules of interest. Large scale growth is accomplished in bio-fermenters and isolation and purification is achieved using high-throughput purification solutions. Learn more about our solutions for bio-production such as single use technology, selective growth media…Read more.


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