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Agilent ACEA – xCELLigence Real-Time Cell Analysis

Agilent produces a number of cell analysis instruments designed to give life science researchers and drug discovery research scientists better insights into cellular function. The Agilent cell analysis portfolio covers many measurement modalities, including energy metabolism, real-time cell viability, contractility, movement (impedance), and flow cytometry.


RTCA Analyzers

xCELLigence RTCA instruments use biosensors to continuously monitor cell behavior in a label-free manner. Thousands of cell assay time points derive cell kinetics.

RTCA Microplate

Microplates with embedded biosensors comprised of an interdigitating array of electrodes provide real-time measurements of live cell behavior

RTCA Reagents, Kits & Accessories

xCELLigence kits and reagents provide assays that continuously monitor cell behavior for hours, days, and even weeks.

RTCA Software

Integrated software package for running and analyzing real-time cell data analysis from xCELLigence instruments

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