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Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt. Ltd (IGB) launched in 2018 headquartered at Bangalore, India is a subsidiary of Integrated Gulf Biosystems LLC.
Integrated Gulf Biosystems LLC is a complete solution provider to scientists in the fields of life and analytical sciences. Founded in 1999 in UAE, the experience, expertise and commitment demonstrated by the company laid a strong foundation of growth and performance that have helped it expand its footprint significantly across the globe with presence in India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain and Libya.
As the company expands its portfolio with newer technologies, it has forayed into the growing market of India as Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd (IGB). Across geographies, IGB remains rooted in its value of creating excellence with regionally deployed teams and using local expertise.

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As the company expands its portfolio with newer technologies, it has forayed into the growing market of India as Intra Globus Biosystems Pvt Ltd (IGB). Across geographies, IGB remains rooted in its value of creating excellence with regionally deployed teams and using local expertise.

At IGB, we know delivering a product is a minor part of the solution that our researchers seek. Our team of dedicated Sales Personnel comprises of seasoned experts with decades of business experience and knowledge of every instrument, kit and consumable in our portfolio. Our sales teams enjoy the unstinting trust and support of our customer base:

A pre-requisite for business in the Middle-east.


Whether in an academic environment or a hospital/diagnostic the optimal functioning of instruments each time and every time is a requirement. Hence, we go beyond just servicing instruments to ensure factory calibrated performance & provide optimal care to enhance the working lifetime of your instrument.


Our contract with every customer assures that a trained scientist is always available to help you with all your research needs. Application support boasts a team of seasoned Ph.D. and Master’s level scientists who can answer basic “how to” questions or bring complex “Project level” capabilities to every customer. Trained in current thought in the field, our team measures up to the best in the world and have published successfully in well-known scientific journals.


Global Partners

Global Partner Description Application
ACEA Biosciences is a pioneer in cell analysis instrumentation for applications in Life sciences and clinical diagnostics. Their instruments feature non-invasive impedance microelectrodes to generate in vitro cellular data for real time cell analysis (RTCA). Solutions from ACEA facilitate scientists in drug discovery and development, toxicological analysis, flow cytometry, pharmacological studies, clinical diagnosis and basic research into cell biology. ACEA Biosciences mission is to provide innovative high-performance technologies that advance scientific discovery and improve healthcare. Application Products
Cancer, Cell biology, Cell migration/invasion, infectious disease, stem cell, Covid-19, SiRNA , Drug screening
CLEAN NA Netherlands
CleanNA manufacture purification and extraction reagents that can isolate and purify DNA and RNA from a wide variety of samples (mammal, plant, pathogen, in vitro) which is suitable for all demanding downstream applications (NGS, CRISPR, qPCR).
CleanNA works on the basis of a strict quality assurance for a constant output of high-quality products by controlling and standardizing our production processes. We regularly audit the suppliers of our raw materials and subject our products to rigorous quality controls to ensure a stable output. These processes are controlled by our quality officer and is warranted by our ISO 9001:2015 certification. Read More
Mag DNA isolation kits for Blood, Tissue, FFPE, Pathogen, Plant, Plasmid and Viral DNA
Curiox Singapore
Curiox is a bioinstrumentation company spun out of the Agency for Science, Technology, and Research (A*STAR) in Singapore. Curiox’s vision is to accelerate the progress of life sciences, drug discovery and diagnostics through the miniaturization and improved automation of bioassays.

Curiox has introduced Laminar Wash™ systems, automated cell processing platform enabling the most consistent and precise cell analysis and seen strong adoption and sales globally. With the Laminar Wash technique, cells undergo a gentle wash without added stress, allowing a higher retention of cells for acquisition and cell sorting. In addition, cell surface markers are not modified and unbound antibodies are washed off efficiently, producing cleaner and better segregated data. For high throughput flow cytometry labs, they will be able to achieve consistency by reducing variation from manual handling. Read More

Single cell prepartion , Immune cell preparation, Flowcytometry, Covid-19
Diatech Pharmacogenetics Italy
Diatech Pharmacogenetics is the Italian leader in the development, production and commercialisation of pharmacogenetics tests for cancer precision medicine.

Founded in 1996, Diatech Pharmacogenetics has sustained constant organic growth over the years and now owns more than 70% of the Italian molecular diagnostic market and it is rapidly growing worldwide; to date, more than 20.000 diagnostic tests have been performed using its solutions and every year Diatech Pharmacogenetics reinvests 20% of it revenues in R&D. Diatech Pharmacogenetics is able to take pharmacogenetics tests from idea to market on a variety of platforms, from real-time PCR to barcoded microarrays, mass-spectrometry and next generation sequencing, supplying all reagents, instruments, materials and support necessary. Read More

Check point inhibitor for cancer KRAS, BRAF, EGFR , THYROID and others
Hamilton Bonaduz, Switzerland
Hamilton Company, is a leading provider of solutions for automated liquid handling workstations, sample management systems and manufacturer of precision measurement devices.

Hamilton Robotics provides solutions for fully automated workflows.The liquid handling workstations provide consistent results for assays, ranging from low-throughput pipetting protocols to high-throughput systems with integrated sample storage. Read More

BioBanking, Diagnostics, Toxicology, Genomics, NGS, Mass Spec, Pharmaceutical , Forensic, Protein science, Agriculture
Lexogen Austria
Lexogen is a biotech company with unique proprietary expression profiling technologies that enable detailed analysis of the complete transcriptome as well as individual full length RNAs of interest. Lexogen’s mission is to develop innovative technologies that will allow to resolve complexity of the transcriptome. It is based at the Vienna BioCenter in Vienna, Austria and supported by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG, the Austria Wirtschaftsservice AWS, INiTS and the Wirtschaftsagentur Wien and has a subsidiary in New Hampshire, USA. Read More
Total RNA seq, Poly A selection, Ribo depletion, Expression profilling, Covid-19, RNA isolation and RNA controls
Randox USA
Randox Toxicology provide trusted solutions for the comprehensive screening of drugs of abuse in forensic, clinical and workplace toxicology settings. With significant reinvestment in Research and Development, we are dedicated to minimising laboratory workflow constraints whilst maximising the scope of quality drug detection.

Our unrivalled expertise and turnaround in antibody generation has led to our superior multiplexing assays enabling us to persistently stay ahead of this ever-challenging market. With over 30 years’ experience in the manufacture and distribution of high quality products, we have created a number of advancements in the field of toxicology. As the primary manufacturer of ELISA solutions, reagents, quality control, automated systems and our superior patented Biochip Array Technology, we place quality assurance and accreditation at the core of our manufacturing processes to ensure our high standard is maintained. Read More

Drug abuse testing, Road side testing, Re habitation centres, Forensic toxicology
SeraCare USA
Developing innovative products to support emerging test methods
SeraCare is a leading partner and supplier of diagnostic quality controls, biological materials, and reagents to in vitro diagnostics developers, clinical laboratories, and life science researchers worldwide. Since the early 1980s, we have supported the diagnostic testing industry with biological materials to develop, validate, and challenge today’s most trusted serology and molecular infectious disease assays. With recent rapid advances in clinical genomics and precision diagnostics, SeraCare has developed a leading portfolio of highly flexible, patient-like reference materials and lab QC programs to support advanced diagnostic applications such as next-generation sequencing and digital PCR. Read More
Somatic Cancer, infectious disease, Inherited disease, NGS
NanoString Technologies (NASDAQ: NSTG) is a publicly held provider of life science tools for translational research. The company’s technology enables a wide variety of basic research and translational medicine applications. NanoString’s products are based on a novel digital molecular barcoding technology invented at the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB) in Seattle under direction of Dr. Leroy Hood. The company was founded in 2003 with an exclusive license to develop and market the technology. In 2008, NanoString launched its first commercial instrument system and began international sales operations with its first multiplexed assays for gene expression analysis. In 2010, the company launched new applications for the system to support microRNA analysis and copy number variation detection. In 2019, the company launched the GeoMx™ Digital Spatial Profiler enabling highly-multiplexed spatial profiling of RNA and protein targets in a variety of sample types, including FFPE tissue sections. Read More
Gene expression panels on immunology, oncology, Neuroscience , Covid-19, miRNA and more. CNV and Gene fusion panels
Fluidic Analytics  
Fluidic Analytics designs, develops and manufactures tools that seek to revolutionise the way proteins are characterised, allowing customers to understand the machinery of life. We envision a world where information about proteins and their behaviour transforms our understanding of how the biological world operates and helps all of us make better decisions about how we diagnose diseases, develop treatments and maintain our personal well-being. By building the world’s best tools, software and services for protein characterisation and making them universally accessible in the lab, in the clinic or at home, we are making this vision a reality not just for a small group of expert users, but for everyone who can benefit. Read More
Study protein-protein, Protein-DNA and protein-lipid interactions in biological mixtures. Binding affinity. Antibody affinity – Covid 19
The CELLSEARCH® CTC Test is a simple, actionable blood test that helps oncologists assess the prognosis of patients with metastatic breast, prostate*, or colorectal cancer
The first and only clinically validated, FDA-cleared blood test for enumerating circulating tumor cells (CTCs). A “liquid biopsy” that can be used at any time during a patient’s course of disease. Read More

Menarini Silicon Biosystems has leveraged DEPArray™ technology to create an automated solution for sorting and isolation of rare cells. The DEPArray™ System is unique in combining imaging technologies with the ability to manipulate and recover individual, viable cells from a heterogeneous sample. Read More

CTC cell analysis, FFPE analysis, Forensics , single cell isolation. Metastatic breast, prostate or colorectal cancer

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